Thursday, 1 June 2017


We don't need great minds,We don't need technology.
We don't need power ,We don't need money.
We don't need internet,We don't need connectivity.
All we need is Humanity ,moral values the values that makes us a good human being .

Saturday, 27 May 2017


लड़की होना कभी कभी  पाप  सा लगता है ,
ज़िन्दगी का कुछ हिस्सा अधुरा सा लगता है |
सपने देखने की आजादी तो होती है ,
पर अफ़सोस पूरे करने का ना हक होता है |
अकेले छोड़ देंगे कैसा सवाल होता है,
लड़की के लिए इसीलिए बहुत खौफ सा होता है |
अनजान होती है वो सपनो की हकीकत से. 
क्योंकि असलियत देखने का न हौसला होता है |
सोचती है सब साथ है उसके अपने ,
पर जानती है कभी पूरे ना होंगे उसके सपने  |
लड़की होना कभी कभी  पाप  सा लगता है.
ज़िन्दगी का कुछ हिस्सा अधुरा सा लगता है|
                                          कविता- दीपाली श्रीवास्तव 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


I was bored and I found someone was sitting in front of PC and I found that he was lost in his work and that was so beautiful moment that I captured it by sketching...
His love for programming brings tremendous amount of concentration in him
And my conversation with him always end with some kind of logical problem


udna h mujhe lekin udan bharana asaan nhi
pankh h lekin pankh felena asaan nhi
khwaish h asman chune ki
lkn asmaan ko chuna asan nhi
jee chatha h tara bankar chamku
lekin taraa bnaa san nhi
barish bnkr bh jati hu ankhon se
kyunki badal sa garajna asan nhi
andhi si uth ti h dil m
lekin kamzoor jadon sae tufaan lana asaan nhi
udna chahti hu Asman m
lkn udaan bhrna asaan nhi

- poem by Deepali shrivastava

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


                         HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY


What makes a women..

It is the baby who was tempted to be killed in womb..
It is the girl who has being given the kitchen to manage..
It is a teen who has been taught to walk headed down in streets..
It is a girlfriend who has to understand, love,and sacrifice everything for her love..
It is a daughter who has to leave her own house and make her living in an unknown house..unknown people..
It is a wife.. Who has to walk with her husband in any circumstances.
It is a mother who has to bear a baby in her give a new life..
It is an old mother..who has to live waiting for her child to take care of her..
Without expectation..,she does with full dedication ,love and sacrifice..
This makes a Women..

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


The corruption of people is to behave in an inhuman way.

Saturday, 31 December 2016


 The person who wants to be free, 
would never free because of his need. 
The person who is free is never free, 
because he don't know what he is indeed. 
Those who are busy wants to be free, 
Those who are free wants to be busy. 
One thing I have noticed that- 
"Everyone want some change. 
Either they are busy or free". 

                                                         By - Sumit shrivastava